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9843395906_e2b5a1595f_oWhat is the VegOut! Challenge?
VegOut! Challenge is an easy, delicious food adventure created by Recipe for Success Foundation to encourage everyone to eat more vegetables and a bigger variety of them. Participants are encouraged to VegOut! annually, seasonally–or even every month of the year.

Our Veggie Tracker on this website and our companion mobile app are fun, engaging tools for families, individuals and organizations to promote healthier eating by introducing a broader array of vegetables into daily diets throughout the year while earning points, badges and recognition on the leaderboards.

You can even eat more veggies to support the work of Recipe for Success Foundation–check out our Raise Money page.  Or there are many other ways to help us combat childhood obesity by changing the way American children eat, from making a gift to fund our work to volunteering, attending special events, or becoming a program sponsor. Go to www.recipe4success.org to see how.

VegOut! 30 Ways in 30 Days Challenge FAQ

What is the VegOut! Challenge?

VegOut! Challenge is an easy, delicious food adventure created by Recipe for Success Foundation to encourage children and adults to increase their regular intake of fresh vegetables. Participants are encouraged to VegOut! every month of the year.

To celebrate National Nutrition Month each March the Foundation adds special prizes and recognition for schools, teachers, workplaces and teams to take the challenge to eat 30 different vegetables within 30 days. The VegOut! Veggie Tracker on the website and mobile app are fun, engaging tools for families, individuals and organizations to promote healthier eating by introducing a broader array of vegetables into daily diets throughout the year while earning points, badges and recognition on the leaderboards.

When do I register?

You can REGISTER anytime of the year to VegOut! For the special National Nutrition Month Challenge during the month of March, you just have to be registered and eat all 30 vegetables sometime before the end of March to qualify for prizes. Some folks check off 12 veggies in one meal, so, it's never too late to get started!

Do I have to become a vegetarian to VegOut!?

No! This is not about being a vegetarian; it’s about adding more veggies to your plate everyday. The USDA recommends that ½ of every meal be comprised of colorful fruits and vegetables, yet the predominant vegetable in the American diet is the potato in the form of French fries. We want you to help you expand your repertoire.

How do I participate?

Visit www.vegoutwithrfs.org and click the “Sign Up” link to complete your registration form. You will get some confirmations by email with embedded links to log-into your account with a temporary password. By signing up, you will create an online account and be given access to our cool tools, like our Veggie Tracker, Recipes, Parent and Educator Resources and all the while earn badges as you track your veggies.

Track Your Veg with our Veggie Tracker. While using your Veggie Tracker, click Add a Veggie, select your veggie, tell us how you ate it, how you rate it and save it!

If you don't have easy access to a computer, use our mobile app or our paper tracker (see note below.) Prize drawings for March Challengers will be held from the collection of all properly completed entries (online, emailed and mailed in) and received by April 8, after which winners will be notified by email.

What if I don’t want to keep track online, but want a chance for prizes in March?

You must register, but we don’t require that you track your veggie consumption online or on our mobile app if you don’t want to. Just, download the paper Veggie Tracker, print it and use it to keep a record of the 30 different veggies that you consume in March. To be eligible for prizes, the Tracker must be completed; including the blanks for how you ate and how you rate each of the 30 veggies you ate. Then submit your completed Veggie Tracker to Recipe for Success, PO Box 56445, Houston TX 77256, or scan it and email to us at vegout@recipe4success.org. Your Veggie Tracker must be received by April 8 to be eligible for prizes. Any incomplete entry will be ineligible. An entry is considered incomplete if the submitted Veggie Tracker does not show 30 vegetables listed or if it has missing details on how you ate and how you rate each vegetables, or if it does not have all contact fields filled in. Your complete entry will be added in with all other eligible entries. A drawing will be held from the collection of all properly completed entries (online, emailed and mailed in) after April 8 and winners notified by email.

Do I have to register?

You can use all the program’s resources without participating in the Challenge, but only registered participants are eligible for prizes, drawings and other benefits during our special promotions.

Can I live anywhere and VegOut! or compete for prizes?

Yes! VegOut! has no boundaries. We want everyone to participate no matter where in the world you live.

Can I VegOut! anytime?

You can VegOut! anytime and share your experience using our website resources, mobile app, forums, and social networking tools anytime of the year, but each March in honor of National Nutrition Month, we host a Challenge with prizes, drawings for individuals and teams and benefits from scores of partner restaurants, grocery stores and collaborators.

How do I start a team?

Go to vegoutwithrfs.org and click Sign Up to be directed to the registration form. Within the form, be sure to create a team name and designate yourself as the team leader.

Do I have to be a member of a team to participate?


Can I register as an individual AND as a member of a team?

Yes! In fact you must register as an individual in order to either start or join a team.

How do I join a team?

Once you are registered, navigate to the team page and find your team. Click on it. If it's public, you can click to join. If it is private, you can click to request an invitation to join and your team captain will have to accept that request. You must do this, even if you have indicated on the registration form that you are part of a team. Just telling us, does not automatically add you to the team.

What if I am a member of a team, but can’t remember what it is called?

If you cannot remember your team name, then look for it in the list of teams on our site. If it isn't listed, perhaps the organizer has not yet taken the steps to create a team. Contact the organizer directly to inquire, or start the team yourself following the steps online. Teams can be comprised of a school, company, club, family or group of friends.

How do I become a VegOut! Partner?

VegOut! HERE partners like restaurants, farmers and retailers commit to support VegOut! with special promotions and expanded customer access to a wide variety of vegetables. There is no cost to be listed as a VegOut! HERE partner. Other promotional partners and sponsors help us expand the awareness of the VegOut! Challenge through philanthropy to underwrite our work, prizes, advertising, events and endorsements. For more information on how to become a VegOut! Sponsor, please send an email to gracie-at-recipe4success-dot-org.

I lost my paper Veggie Log- how can I get another one?

Click on the Veggie Log Link in the tools section at vegoutwithrfs.org to download a new form.

Can I eat any veggies, or only ones on your list?

You can eat any and all veggies that exist! We think we have listed them all, so first make sure that your veg doesn't fall into a broader category that's already listed--like sweet peppers, or winter squash. But if you think of a veg that isn't listed, then just add it as "other" with details, and we will check it out.

Do savory fruits, like zucchini and eggplant, count?

Although botanically speaking they are fruits, these delicious savory options are popularly thought of as veggies, so we are giving challenge participants full credit for them.

Can I eat the same veggie every day?

You can, but you will only get credit for it once. The purpose of the VegOut! Challenge is to explore and try new veggies. The goal is to eat 30 different veggies within a 30-day period.

Do dishes that include meat and other things count?


Do I have to eat only raw veggies, or can the veggies be cooked?

Eat your veggies any way you want to—raw or cooked, it’s your choice!

How do I Tweet, Instagram and pin to Pinterest about VegOut!?

Use the handle #vegoutrfs & #vegout2016 in your tweets and captions of photos and they will appear on our website. (We do reserve the right to remove any image or comment that we deem inappropriate for all ages.)

How do I submit a recipe, picture or video for a VegOut! contest?

Submit your content to vegout@recipe4success.org or post it in the comment section of our blog.

>How can I get an event or listing on the VegOut! calendar?

Please send an email to vegout@recipe4success.org describing your event and/or listing with as many details as possible, always including the date & time of your VegOut! Event. We will post all appropriate events to our listings and the map within 48 hours.

What is Recipe for Success Foundation?

Recipe for Success Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity dedicated to combating childhood obesity by changing the way children understand, appreciate and eat their food and by educating and mobilizing the community to provide healthier diets for children.

We have developed Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™, a comprehensive experiential learning program that makes healthy food fun; we promote healthy eating with books, contests and public awareness campaigns; and we work to make affordable, healthy food available to everyone.
 We envision a world where healthy eating is the norm and a culture where nutritious food is shared, appreciated, and celebrated.

To learn more, check out our website at www.recipe4success.org or send an email to info@recipe4success.org.

How can I support Recipe for Success Foundation?

You can support Recipe for Success Foundation in many ways from making a gift to fund our work to volunteering, attending special events, becoming a program sponsor, or even participating in the VegOut! Challenge. Go to www.recipe4success.org to see how.

What are the Contest prizes during March?

Each March, to celebrate National Nutrition Month, Recipe for Success Foundation and our partners provide extra incentives to take the VegOut! Challenge. Every properly completed VegOut! Challenge form that is postmarked or emailed to Recipe for Success Foundation and received by April 8th, will be entered into a drawing for prizes that include special Foodie Weekend Getaways to Houston or San Antonio; fine restaurant dinners and cooking classes, fresh vegetable delivery, cookware collections, copies of the children’s book “Eat It! Food Adventures with Marco Polo,” gift cards and other exciting opportunities. There are very special prizes for winners of the Principal’s Challenge and Team Leader with the biggest number of members finishing the challenge. Read more about prizes.

Are there contest during other parts of the year?

Yes! throughout the year, our partners offer special prizes linked to their own unique promotions and book launches. These opportunities will be announced on the VegOut! blog and through social media. Each has its own guidelines, which will be noted the individual prize promotion detail. Keep vegging out all year long to stay up to date on prize opportunities.

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