salad days At Recipe for Success Foundation, we have taught more than 50,000 kids to eat their veggies and enjoy it. But what about the rest of us? Over 60% of American adults are battling the bulge. We all need to focus on healthier eating for our families and ourselves. The U.S. Surgeon General tells us that simply increasing our daily consumption of fresh produce is the easiest place to start.

Our VegOut! 30 Ways in 30 Days Challenge supports your efforts to eat healthier by making it an adventure, the same way we entice kids to try healthy foods. Regardless of your motivation-the fun of competition, the exploration of new food or a personal focus on healthy eating, the end result is the same:  A behavior repeated for 30 days is likely to become a habit.

So, Recipe for Success Foundation says, “Step up to the plate and pile it with veggies!”