11345376803_0dbf845a30_oThe VegOut! Challenge is an extraordinary tool to help you establish or celebrate a culture of health on your campus any time of year, but we do a special push in April in honor of Earth Month.

Activities can be as simple as saluting a veggie of the day in your morning announcements or including interesting veggie facts and recipes in your newsletter, to grand plans like hosting a veggie poetry, art or costume contest celebrated in an awards assembly or open house with parents and grandparents. Consider sharing your school garden produce from a campus market stand or doing veggie tastings in the cafeteria.

We have included here our special VegOut! Curriculum for PreK-Fifth Graders.  It includes teacher guides, lesson plans, worksheets and tools to help you weave the VegOut! Challenge into your classroom focus for April during our VegOut! for Earth Month school promotion.

The school that starts a team and achieves the highest percentage of campus involvement-faculty and students can be entered to win an Affiliate Partnership from Recipe for Success Foundation, which is the first step to bringing our award winning Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ to your campus. That means motivating everyone to sign up and complete the challenge with fun adventures like veggie potluck lunches and friendly competitions with prizes and awards like seed packets, grocery shopping cards, kitchen tools or even items from our boutique. How fun to host a Veggie Recipe Contest and encourage staff and parents to bring their dishes for a tasting competition. You could invite community supporters and chefs to judge.

Share your ideas and activities with us and let us know how your school challenges itself to VegOut! this year.

Access our downloadable tools below, for help engaging your keeps with Classroom Rewards, a Planting Guide, Veggie of the Day, Letter to Parents, Games, Veggie Facts and more! 

Tongue Taste Guide

March Planting GuideQuick and Easy Guide to School WellnessVegOut Parent Letter

VegOut! Paper Log VegOut Logo Outline Veggie Facts Collateral and Prizes Order Form Veggie of the Day