Teach a Vet to Become a Farmer

Teach a Vet to Become a FarmerOver 300,000 veterans live in Houston, many suffering from post-traumatic stress, and research shows they would respond well to working in agriculture. At the same time, thousands marooned in urban food deserts, lack access to fresh food.  Our Hope Farmer Training Program is a unique tool for empowering our heroes to save the day. At Hope Farms, 7 acres in the midst of one of Houston’s largest food deserts, we teach Vets to farm.

Annual scholarships pay Vets a fulltime wage and provide hands-on training in sustainable horticulture, accounting, banking and business planning to fully equip them as urban farmers. Then we support our certified Hope Farmers with co-op services and business incubation to help them establish their own farms and insure their long-term success. By transforming retired warriors into a battalion of new urban agripreneurs, the Foundation seeks to help solve the problem of equitable access to affordable, fresh produce throughout Houston and other urban cities.

  • $50,000 underwrites a year long Hope Farms scholarship for one Veteran
  • $4,100 finances a month of farmer training for a Veteran
  • $140 provides a day of training for a Veteran

Now as you VegOut! your community can rally support to equip a Veteran on their journey to becoming an urban agripreneur.
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