Chocolate-Chip Kale Cookies

Eat This! Summer Camp

During Eat This! Summer Camp, in addition to lessons in the kitchen and garden, campers learn how food is marketed to them to be smart consumers and make healthier food choices.  To drive home the concepts, each camp session creates an original food product, from recipe to product name, slogan and packaging.  After learning how various marketing tactics are used at the store, campers presented their creations to Revival Market, who selected their favorite goodie to produce and sell in the store.

Last year’s winner?   Chocolate-Chip Kale Cookies!  Made with wholesome ingredients, the sweet treats are packed with nutrient-dense kale for an extra dose of goodness.

Watch S2P Instructor Chef Susie Mullen and her daughter whip up a batch. Then, head to the kitchen to make your own!

Watch more From Our Kitchen cooking videos on our YouTube Channel.

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