Bring the VegOut! Challenge To Work

Cooking classes make great team building events.
Cooking classes make great team building events.
According to the CDC, in 2010 only about 26% of adults ate vegetables three or more times a day. For companies, Part of being a wellness director is to motivate and inspire colleagues to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Make participating in VegOut! the first step to building a happier and healthier team. VegOut! challenges you to eat 30 different vegetables in 30 days. You can pick a new vegetable every day or eat ten in one day, as long as you track it on your log and complete it in 30 days.

The lunchroom and worksites can be a great location to incorporate different vegetables into the diet.

  • Have a potluck lunch based upon various vegetables, check out for veggies A-Z along with recipes
  • Promote meatless Mondays
  • Give away prizes to the person who ate the most vegetables in one day or tried a new vegetable
  • Have participants make a new vegetable dish weekly
  • Send weekly emails to encourage and remind employees to keep up with their veggie log

Are you ready to challenge your employees? To register log on to, and register as your company’s team leader. Then send out an email to all employees to register and begin tracking their veggie consumption. You can even create a Group Page for your Team within this site to share progress, ideas, plans, photos and good news. Make sure all of your team members have registered on the website and submitted, postmarked or emailed their completed Veggie Trackers to Recipe for Success Foundation by April 6, 2015. Remember, VegOut! is fun and could make a huge difference in an employee’s health for a lifetime.

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