The Kinkaid School Embraces VegOut!

kinkaid-collageWhen a high school has a foodie club, a campaign like the VegOut! Challenge can really take root – we’re talkin’ beets, turnips, radish and more! Bradlee Few, a junior at Kinkaid and member of the Bite of Kinkaid foodie club, tells us just how much VegOut! 2015 has caught on at her school.

“We extended an invitation to the entire Upper School community (grades 9-12) – students, faculty, and parents – to participate in VegOut! by joining the Bite of Kinkaid group on the VegOut! website,” says Bradlee. “The school has really taken to VegOut!, and Bite of Kinkaid is so glad to see all of the eager participants taking on this challenge.” 

Bradlee explains that the Bite of Kinkaid club hosted VegOut! last year, but on a smaller scale. “This year when we opened VegOut! to everyone, and having the whole process online meant we’ve had even more success,” she says. “The VegOut! Challenge is great because it turns healthy eating into something fun and exciting. My favorite part about VegOut! is trying different recipes with vegetables.” 

She says she doesn’t have a new favorite veggie just yet, but enjoys trying all of the different kinds of vegetables. “My tried-and-true favorite is Brussels sprouts, however, my friend Morgan recently introduced me to a new Sriracha cauliflower recipe, it’s delicious! 

Bradlee says all of her friends, fellow Bite of Kinkaid club members, and track teammates are taking on the VegOut! Challenge. “We get to participate together and compete with each other to see how we are all eating the vegetables,” she says.

Bradlee says that though only about twenty Kinkaid students are registered and tracking online, many, many others are offline. “I estimate at least 100 people are actually taking part in the challenge,” she says. 

One freshman-level Decisions class offers an example of how much the entire school is involved with the VegOut! Challenge this year. “At Kinkaid the freshmen take a Decisions course about making the right decisions as they enter high school,” says Bradlee. “One of the classes, taught by Cheryl Mitchell, was very excited about VegOut! and they challenged themselves to eat more than 30 vegetables. Ms. Mitchell was just as excited as the students, so she offered extra credit to the students who participated in VegOut! Everyone in class is stepping up to the plate!”

Sounds like Ms. Mitchell and a good portion of the entire school is making good decisions! Way to VegOut! Kinkaid School!

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