First Pulling of the Carrots to Ring in VegOut! 2016 at MacGregor Elementary

Recipe for Success Foundation Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education Showcase School, MacGregor Elementary, rang in VegOut! on March 1st by playing with dirt! Launching a new tradition in the school, they undertook the first ever Pulling of the Carrots!

Photo Mar 01-6

Children from all grade levels gathered around the garden to harvest fresh carrots and log in their first veggies for the month- carrots!

Photo Mar 01-4

We know that when children interact with their food and they’re more likely to eat it and we’re thrilled to say that all the kids loved their farm fresh veggies that they grew themselves!

How is your school celebrating VegOut!? Let us know and don’t forget t o register to win a grant from Chipotle to bring Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education to YOUR school!

Photo Mar 01-5


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