Green smoothies aren’t just for grown-ups


Hi everyone! I’m Laura Max Rose, and you probably know me as the VegOut! Brand Ambassador with Recipe for Success. You also might know that I have an 18-month-old toddler who, like most toddlers, is all about the chicken fingers and tater tots and has a sixth sense for vegetables. If they’re in something, she knows it, and you can’t trick her into eating anything. 

We have our “good” veggie days when Selma devours her green beans with abandon, and the less good days when I stand in awe that life can somehow be sustained on fried potatoes and milk alone. Besides having a toddler with pretty toddler-like food affinities, I’m also allergic to most raw vegetables (more on that later), so I’m coming at this whole thing from a bit of a disadvantage. I have to regularly remind myself that it’s okay to feed Selma the foods I’m allergic to (for now) and give her access to all the veggies that the farmer’s market has to offer.

When we stood in line at Juice Land in the Houston Heights yesterday, I decided to order Selma her very first green smoothie, thinking it would be a total waste and we would definitely have to order a chocolate peanut butter one to replace it once she inevitably dropped in on the floor. I was literally floored when she not only drank the whole thing, but cried hysterically when she realized it was finished (something she also does when she finishes her ice cream from Cloud 10.) The smoothie was made with spinach, kale, peaches, bananas and apple juice and I can’t tell you how good I felt knowing that she was sipping on something so nutritious. We’ll be visiting Juice Land again soon and, in the meantime, I’ll be trying some more green smoothie recipes at home with our Nutribullet.

What are some of the ways your children like to enjoy their veggies? Tell me all of your ideas in the comments section!

(Want to follow along on our veggie eating adventures? Be sure to follow @RFSFoundation on Instagram to watch Selma and I take the #VegOut2018 challenge in April! We’ll be giving you all the ideas for how to incorporate veggies into your kids’ days.)


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