• Rachel posted an update in the group Group logo of Girl ScoutsGirl Scouts 6 years, 5 months ago

    This was a really great challenge for us. I always say we’re going to try something new, then never end up doing it. This was a huge push in making me get out there and actually do it. My kids eat Rutabegas and Radish’s now.

    • We are so happy that you enjoyed taking the VegOut! Challenge in March. Love to hear your stories about getting the kids to eat new things.

      • Oh, I have stories – that is for sure! My kids LOVED Jicama, which I found interesting as I dislike it. My husband marinated radishes with purple onion and lots of lemon juice, and they liked that too. I made Rutabaga baked fries, and they were way better than we thought they would be. All of us barely got the Nopales down our throats, but we tried it at least!