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Inspire everyone to join you in the 2017 VegOut! Challenge to celebrate National Nutrition Month in March


  1. REGISTER to take the challenge and download the VegOut! mobile app before March 1 at and start a team—of course call it something catchy.
  1. MAKE a short video for social media declaring to the world that you are up to the challenge and call on at least one of your friends or colleagues by name to take the challenge— maybe even join your team. Post the video to social media after February 15 with hashtag #vegoutwithrfs and the link Don’t forget to tag your friends!
  1. SHARE your VegOut! Challenge all month long throughout your social media sites and on your own feed. Tell your fans and friends what veg you are eating, where you are eating, how you’re cooking your veg, where you’re buying veg, the crazy things you’re trying, your efforts to get friends and family on board, what you love and what you hate, take snaps and video! Don’t forget to use hashtag #vegout2017 #vegoutwithrfs
    THOUGHTS for your selfie video:
    [Race to peel a carrot the or video of a farmers market veggie sweep or shots from your own kitchen]

“I’m taking the VegOut! Challenge in March and I am calling on [friends name] to join me by eating 30 different veggies in 30 days. [Friends name], if you step up to the plate, and pile it with veggies, I will [some ideas] . . .

  • Eat lima beans— and you know how much I hate them!
  • Take you out to dinner at your favorite restaurant
  • Cook a celebratory meal for you

“If you wont take the VegOut! Challenge yourself, then support me!”

Make a donation to recipe for Success Foundation to bring their award winning nutrition education programs to a deserving elementary school and help them fight childhood obesity by changing the way children eat.

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