Getting that Good Grub


We’ve had blast watching our April 2019 Ambassador Casey crush the veggie competition – seriously she’s got over 40 veggies and 975 points halfway through the challenge – and we’re celebrating with some recipes from her blog!

She cooks to heal, making meals that are nutrient dense and also extremely satisfying. When she goes out to eat, she takes the flavors she loves and develops recipes at home that are equally craveable. Below are some of her spring favorites.


  1. Being gluten-free, Casey was tired of going out and finding all those delicious brussels sprouts recipes had soy sauce in them. So she decided to go home and re-create the recipe with tamari, a gluten-free alternative. These Sweet Tart Brussels Sprouts are just as craveably delicious as anything you’ll pay for at a restaurant.
  2. With a firm belief that food is medicine, Casey shows us yet again that what you eat changes the way you feel. After reading studies of how much beta-carotene is in carrots (names sounds familiar, do they?), she realized that eating more of these delicious root veggies can help improve brain function as you get older. With this delicious Carrot + Sesame recipe, your brain will be in excellent shape!
  3. Why is that when we eat salad at a restaurant, it’s so incredibly delicious, and then when we try to replicate it at home, it feels more like a chore? The secret: ‘fixins’. This Arugula, Delicata, & Pomegranate Salad is the perfect answer. Filled with yummy & good for you veggies and toppings, it will become a go to for many a warm spring evening.
  4. With spring in full swing, our social calendars start picking up, and we all want to serve the dinner our friends will keep talking about. But who has the time to spend hours cooking these days? Casey’s Grain-Free Fish Tacos are something you can prep mostly ahead of time (and make in bulk for the next day), and will be a fan-favorite for sure.

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