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Laura Nelson & Leisa Holland-NelsonIt only takes a few days and a few strategic meals to score 30 veggies. Want proof? Just look at Veg Out! Superstar Leisa Holland-Nelson who completed her 30-vegetable tally in just 2 days!

On the first day Leisa Holland-Nelson ate a salad for lunch that contained 14 vegetables – kale, bok choy, spinach, romaine, tomato, celery, carrots, mushrooms, artichokes, edamame, chickpeas, radish, Brussels sprouts and cucumber. “I eat this salad almost every day,” says Holland-Nelson, who owns a web and mobile development company.

“Sometimes I just run by the grocery store and put together all these veggies from the salad bar.” She says at-home meals such as a pasta dinner made with three types of squash and a steamed veggie combo containing broccoli, cauliflower and beets also helped her tackle the Veg Out! Challenge quickly. Your take away: Do a major a salad bar sweep and look for recipes or restaurant menu items that contain several vegetables on one plate! Continue reading…

Houston Chefs Spotlight VegOut! Restaurant Picks in Flavour App. Yes, Chef!

FlavourpicAnswering age-old, often mind-boggling questions like “what’s for dinner?” and “what’s a good restaurant?” just got easier, thanks to the Flavour app. Make room on your phone if you have to – this one’s different than most restaurant apps!

Flavour is the app that connects with chefs, local experts, and notable publications to provide a curated experience that best represents a city’s food scene. Flavour distills all of this information with ease as you set out on your adventures. The app currently lists more than 3,200 restaurants in Austin, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco. You can even request an Uber ride through the app.

We love that this elegant and innovative app utilizes the truly expert knowledge of local chefs, who share their picks, including only their favorites, no fluff. We also love the simple-to-navigate Flavour app, because chefs – the heroes that have been so essential to Recipe for Success Foundation – are major contributors to the content. These talented ambassadors for our city are the same types of folks who serve fine meals by night and then volunteer to show up at elementary schools by day to inspire kids to cook with vegetables, instilling a love for eating well in students across our city (and nationwide). Continue reading…