Did you know that arugula is scandalous?

Referred to as “rocket” in the UK, arugula has been cultivated in Mediterranean regions since Roman times. In fact, the robust, peppery green was even used as an aphrodisiac and thus banned from being grown in monasteries during the Middle Ages. What would YOU pair arugula with for a romantic dinner?

Would you, could you eat a cactus?

You might envision cactus as the spiky plant to avoid in desert climates, rather than a tasty veggie. However, nopales is easy to find in Houston grocers, often already cleaned of their prickly spines. Once cooked, they have a likeness to green beans. Have you ever eaten cactus? What did you think?

What are your collard green memories? Collard greens: bacon or not? Collard greens sans bacon?

Collard greens are steeped in Southern tradition, and for many, they bring to mind fond memories of family. Tell us about your own experience with collard greens, whether a grandmother’s passed-down recipe or a brand new discovery!