Soccer Great Brian Ching Dishes About VegOut!

Brian Ching speaking 8We talked with Brian Ching, the retired all-time scoring leader for Houston Dynamo and current Managing Director for the NWSL Dash, following his gracious appearance as emcee at the official VegOut! launch breakfast at Canopy in late February. From the podium, he showed his enthusiasm for the VegOut! campaign by holding up a basket placed before the podium, Ching cleverly challenged those in attendance to learn the names of all the vegetables in the leafy-greens centerpiece by the end of the month-long veggie-eating challenge. Continue reading…

Houston Mayor Annise Parker Throws Down the Gauntlet

VegOutSASan Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor launched her year long VegOutSA campaign with a call to action to take the VegOut! Challenge in March during her morning proclamation at San Antonio City Hall on Tuesday, February 24. Mayor Ivy Taylor, joined by members of the Mayors Fitness Council, challenged the city’s businesses to VegOut! in the workplace and support their employees efforts to complete the 30 Ways in 30 Days Challenge this March. Continue reading…

30 Days?!

This March, Recipe for Success Foundation will host its second-annual VegOut! 30 Ways in 30 Days Challenge, motivating folks to eat 30 different vegetables in 30 days during National Nutrition Month. Bustling schedules and picky palettes can make the task of nourishing a family an uphill battle, so how do you get your brood to eat 30 different vegetables period, much less within one month?

Houston mom Amy Anton has a plan.


30 Ways in 30 what!?! There is no way I can do it again this year. I have three boys who will eat some veggies, but certainly not 30, and we have school, and homework, and lacrosse… and busy lives!

But this is important.

OK, breathe, and make a plan of attack.

March is busy with sports and we have a whole week off at spring break, during which we will be eating out a lot. I think I will frontload to get as many veggies as I can in during the first two weeks. That way, I can relax and we can have fun with the Challenge in the second half of the month. After all, it’s “an easy, delicious food adventure”, it’s supposed to be fun!

So, what to start with? Salads. Remember, salad dressing can be a friend, and if I make a yummy dressing or grate in some parmesan, they will usually eat it all. Possibilities are endless there. If I am really in a pinch, I can run to the salad bar and load up on already chopped goodies.

Then, I can alternate with a huge pan of roasted veggies – squash, zucchini, cauliflower and bell peppers. Just toss with some olive oil and a roast in a 375 degree oven, and there’s four more to add to the Veggie Log.

Add my oldest child’s favorite, Kale Caesar, to the list, maybe even with sliced radishes, and we’re on our way! Stay tuned for Ashton’s recipe for Kale Caesar. It’s a keeper!

How will YOU tackle the 2014 VegOut! Challenge? Tell us in the comments!