Lunchbox Tips

We promised some tips on packing your kids (or yourself!) a healthy lunchbox, and we didn’t forget. See below for some ideas on making healthy eating easy & delicious throughout the week. Of course, if you can get any of your ingredients from a local farmer’s market, even better! We promise they’ll taste fantastic, plus you’ll feel great about supporting the community.


  1. Leftovers – Always cook a little extra dinner? Portion it out the next day for school lunch. If you made a sauce, try putting it in a sandwich; if you made a casserole, stick a small portion in the lunchbox. There’s always a way to adapt delicious leftovers into lunch.
  2. Hummus – Nothing says healthy lunch of snack like this dippable dish. The best part is that you can make a big batch on Sunday night, and use it throughout the week.
  3. Charcuterie – May sound too fancy for lunch, but we don’t think it has to be. Most of us have cheese & deli meats hanging out in our fridge, so when you’re tired of a sandwich, just roll up those ham pieces and pack them with a few slices of cheese, several grapes or olives, and a handful of nuts.
  4. Healthy Sweets – Sometimes we just need that afternoon pick me up, and want that easy to get candy bar or doughnut. Instead, try making a batch of healthy sweets on Sunday afternoon, and pack one as a backup in your bag for those sluggish hours.
  5. Salad – Want something lighter for lunch? Pack whatever greens you’ve got in a mason jar with whatever proteins and veggies are in your fridge. Add a little olive oil & balsamic, or your favorite dressing, and you’ve got salad in a jar – quick and easy (and healthy) lunch fix.
  6. Market Finds – Make a trip out of visiting your local farmer’s market this Saturday. You’ll find plenty of delicious veggies to pack for lunch, and you’ll support local agriculture at the same time! Look for small peppers, radishes, cucumbers, beans, and anything else you can simply wash and stick in your lunchbox.

Meet October’s VegOut! Ambassador

Erin O’Leary Stewart, co-owner  of DEFINE body and mind, a wellness community that takes a holistic lifestyle approach to reach physical and inner strength goals.  Erin created DEFINE foodsa place where mindful eating and whole body health connect.  This busy working Mom of a two-year-old will be teaching, inspiring and empowering us to eat healthier with her daily VegOut! posts throughout October as she chronicles Liam’s Lunches on her Instagram feed.  Erin will also be cooking at the October 7 Chefs in the Field supper at Hope Farms.

Back to School & Fall Harvest Bounty

It’s that time of year again – backpacks and school supplies are purchased, and morning rushes onto buses or into carpools reign chaotic during the week. Often, as the year gets busier, we find it hard to keep on track with healthy eating. The last thing we want to do after driving the kids all over town after school or battling over homework  is to spend extra time cooking a healthy dinner from scratch. Never mind planning a healthy lunchbox for the next day! We know where you’re coming from, and we want to help.

October is also Farm to School month, so we’ll be sharing tips on ways to incorporate farmer’s market outings with the healthy foods you and your kids are eating at home!

Join us on your own, as a team, or with your school/company/friends/family for this monthlong challenge celebrating the fall abundance!

Michael & Susan Dell Center For Healthy Living takes the VegOut! Challenge

VegOut! Partners, July 2018 Edition:

We were so thrilled to have a team from the Michael & Susan Dell Center For Healthy Living take the VegOut! Challenge this month! The mission of the center (“We advance health and healthy living for children and families through cutting-edge research, innovative community-based programs, and dissemination of evidence-based practices.”) much aligns with the mission of Recipe For Success, both hoping to end childhood obesity and encourage healthy habits.

The center also puts an emphasis on workplace wellness, including a Farm-to-Work Program where Animal Farm brings organic produce to their offices weekly. They’ve been offering recipe ideas & shopping tips on their social media channels, while encouraging both employees & others connected with the organization to participate. For the last day of the challenge, they even hosted a salad swap – where faculty & staff brought their favorite toppings to share and try! They were the perfect partners for the farm-focused July Challenge! To see more about them, check out their instagram & website. And if you’re in the Austin area, consider donating or volunteering!

Tips for a Veggie-Filled Life

Tips for a Veggie-Filled Life:

  1. Rule of thirds – It can help to separate your plate into three sections. One for grains, one for veg, and one for protein. Ideally, the vegetable section should be the largest, then the protein, then grain.
  2. Make veggies delicious – Find a blog you love, and try some of their recipes. If you enjoy the way vegetables taste, you’ll be more likely to eat them! Try Love & Lemons and Cookie + Kate.
  3. Fit it into the schedule – Feel that you’re way too busy to shop & cook? There are plenty of meal-order services out there that will deliver dinner to your door, and all you have to do is put it together. There are also incredible options for prepared, plant based meals that can arrive at your home ready to eat. Sakara Life & Define Foods are great examples.
  4. Plan ahead – What happens when we’re really busy but also want to cook each meal? Sauce is the savior here. If you prepare a couple different sauces at the beginning of the week, you can use them over whatever you make, transforming regular vegetables, grains, & proteins into delicious meals.
  5. Sign up for a CSA – Your local farm probably has one of these, where a basket or box of vegetables will be available for pickup or delivery every week. It’s a great way to get local veggies without the hassle of going to the store. Plus you’re sure to have the epitome of whatever is in season for your area!
  6. Make it a habit – eventually, it will become second nature to have vegetables at every meal, and you’ll feel odd not to incorporate them!