Sorrel Leaves

Sorrel is a leafy green vegetable related to rhubarb and buckwheat. It is a perennial herb also known as garden sorrel or common sorrel. There are three main varieties: broad leaf, French (buckler leaf), and red-veined sorrel. Sorrel leaves are arrow-headed with a sharp, lemony taste that tend to taste more acidic as they mature.

Nigerians use sorrel leaves in stews or steam along with roasted peanut cakes, salt, pepper, onion, and tomatoes. In Afghanistan, sorrel herb leaves are dipped into a batter and then deep fried and served either as an appetizer or during Ramadan, to break the fast. Cooking with sorrel is also popular in Eastern Europe where it is used in soups, stewed with vegetables, or added to meat or egg dishes. In Greece it is commonly used in spanakopita, a phyllo pastry stuffed with spinach, leeks, and feta cheese.

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